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National Dental Care Month and National Smile Day

May 05 2019

This May people can celebrate National Dental Care Month. The month ends with National Smile Day on May 31, which shares holiday real estate with National Macaroon Day and National Speak in Complete Sentences Day.

The National Day Calendar is a North Dakota-based organization that tracks nearly 1,500 traditional and nontraditional national days, weeks and months.  National Day Calendar receives about 20,000 applications each year but only 25 to 30 of them are approved by an internal committee.  While it’s free to apply, there is a fee to make a holiday recognized by the group.

According to the National Day Calendar, National Dental Care Month brings awareness to the importance of preventative dental care “just in time for a summer full of family reunions, weddings and vacations — all times we love to take pictures and smile.” People are encouraged to observe National Dental Care Month by reviewing their dental habits and checking in with their dentist.

For National Smile Day, observers are encouraged to share photos of their smile on social media using the hashtag #NationalSmileDay. “There is so much a smile can do. Just one smile can brighten someone’s day,” according to the National Day Calendar website.

It takes about three years for a new holiday to pick up steam with the public. In 2018, the first year of National Dental Care Month and National Smile Day, the holidays generated some traction with some local news networks asking their viewers what made them smile.

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