Moffitt Restorative Dentistry

Mouthguards with Fall Sports

Aug 30 2017

Chipped teeth are the most common of all dental injuries, with dislodged or knocked out teeth being less frequent, but more severe examples. Approximately one-third of all dental injuries are sports-related, so it is vital that athletes wear a mouthguard.

Many dental injuries that occur during sports are often preventable. Mouthguards help protect the teeth and mouth during sports that involve any level of contact, but they do much more than most people realize. It is more than just your teeth that are protected from trauma: your lips, tongue, cheeks, face and jaw also are cushioned from potential impact and injuries.

A properly fitted mouthguard may be especially important for people who wear braces or have fixed dental appliances on the lower jaw. A blow to the face could damage the brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances. A mouthguard also provides a barrier between the braces and your cheek or lips, limiting the risk of soft tissue injuries. There are even some types of mouthguards that can reduce the chances of a concussion caused by a blow to the jaw.

To ensure that everyone participating has a safe and healthy season, Moffitt Restorative Dentistry would like to once again emphasize the importance of athletes wearing Mouthguards to protect their oral health.

We hope you all have a great school year.

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