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Early Humans Used Sticks to Clean Teeth

Dec 20 2016

A recent article from the Washington Post claimed that toothbrushes were found as early as 3500 BC in Egyptian tombs. The were pieces of a stick with frayed ends to remove food and debris. Archaeologists have removed calcified plaque from ancient teeth and looked at the teeth under a microscope. Their findings reveal that early humans ate grass, seeds, other plants and animals- all raw. They also found indigestible wood fibers believed to be sticks early humans would use to clean their teeth. Some ancient fossils have tiny holes on the sides likely caused by abrasion from the sticks.

This research was able to be replicated because the tenacity of the calcified plaque. Once it is there, it is very difficult to remove. This dentist and MRD recommends if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a while, why wait any longer?  Give us a call.  I hope you’ve had a great year.

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