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FDA Ban Medical Gloves: Proposal Eliminates Powdered Latex

Mar 23 2016

The FDA wants to ban medical gloves covered in white powder. A proposal issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday would eliminate the use of all powdered latex medical gloves. Powdered natural latex gloves pose potential serious health risks to patients, concluded the FDA, following comments received on a public federal register notice regarding the risks versus the benefits of using powdered gloves in the medical industry.

Health care facilities can continue using non-powdered natural latex gloves, as well as non-powdered synthetic latex, neoprene, and vinyl gloves.  Since cornstarch powder does prove to make donning a latex glove easier, research laboratories are looking into developing an alternative donning agent that would provide the same amount of lubricant, comfort, and protective barrier without the serious health problems associated with cornstarch powder.




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