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Give Kids a Smile Day 2015

Feb 13 2015

Give Kids a Smile Day 2015 went well at Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. Our goal was to take care of about 100 kids and provide everything that they need dentally. All children received an exam with bitewing radiographs, toothbrush prophy, dental hygiene instruction, fluoride varnish and a “goody bag” with a toothbrush and other supplies.
Based on need and the child’s behavior, we were prepared to provide restorations, sealants, pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns and extractions.

Nearly 4,000 children served in Minnesota.  2,400 dental volunteers.  438 dentists.  Value of free services provided: $1.7 million.

Photo taken with Michelle Quade, Executive Director at the Minneapolis District Dental Society.

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