Moffitt Restorative Dentistry

Secondary Caries-Cavities Around Previous Dental Restorations

Aug 23 2012

Secondary caries, decay under crowns or fillings, is a well known dental problem. It occurs when dental hard tissues demineralize and lead to wall lesions at the interface.  Fluoride has been shown to be effective in lessening caries development on enamel and dentin by inhibiting demineralization and enhancing remineralization of the the hard tissues.  Fluoride containing substances such as tooth pastes lessen caries development at the interface of dental fillings/crowns and tooth structure.

As people age, salivary flow decreases.  In addition, people are more susceptible to heart and body ailments which nessessitate taking medications.  The more medications a person takes, the oral flora can be affected and the result is less saliva.  Saliva acts as a buffer to the oral intake of sugars and acids.  When there is less saliva in a person’s mouth, they are more prone to decay.

Maintenance is key with regular visits to our office as well as adding to the dental armamentarium for tooth care prevention.  Hope to see you soon.

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