Moffitt Restorative Dentistry
Minnesota Mission of Mercy 2018
Sep 11 2018

The Minnesota Dental Association and the Minnesota Dental Foundation organized an unprecedented statewide dental access program — the Minnesota Mission of Mercy event.  It was September 7-8, 2018 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis. There were 1492 patients … Continue reading

Bounce House Bonanza
Jul 23 2018

The Champlin Community Foundation 3rd Annual Bounce House Bonanza was a great time for the kids and the community at Andrews Park on Saturday. City Councilman, Tom Moe, has the mega phone and the mayor of Champlin, Ryan Karasek, MCing … Continue reading

Bronze age Tartar
Jul 09 2018

How teeth are telling us about milk consumption. Tartar has been around awhile. Scientists are beginning to analyze dental calculus to find when and where milk was being consumed. They look for the enzyme beta-lactoglobulin to be present in the … Continue reading

Ted Talk on tooth decay
Jun 07 2018

Ted Talks are quick and informative videos that are relevant for today’s questions. Check out this video on tooth decay!!!!! Enjoy!

May 17 2018

Smiles can tell you a lot about a person. A pleasing smile can sure brighten one’s day. According to Scientific America your expressions can play a role in making you feel a certain way. “ …Psychologists at the University of … Continue reading

The Trefoil System
Apr 27 2018

Dr. Pedro Franco recently gave an implant lecture in Edina about a new/old concept. The lecture was about the Trefoil implant surgery and restoration. The former name was Novum and the Trefoil is new and improved. The Trefoil system is … Continue reading

Guatemala Dental Mission Trip
Mar 22 2018

My family and I were able to spend a week at the Ana Edith Hernandez Escobar Dental Clinic in Peronia, Guatemala. The clinic has a systematic approach to humanitarian dental outreach developed so our week of service was focused on … Continue reading

Digital Dental Symposium
Mar 02 2018

Great meeting in Chicago during the mid-winter meeting held by the Chicago Dental Society. The Digital Dental Symposium featured top clinicians in the world and was hosted by the American College of Prosthodontists. Work flows from design to delivery with … Continue reading

Give Kids a Smile Day for Children’s Dental Health Month
Feb 12 2018

In honor of Children’s Dental Health Month, I spent a day at Children’s Dental Services in Minneapolis and also celebrated Give Kids a Smile Day. I really enjoyed working with their staff as they were very helpful to me and … Continue reading

Meth Mouth
Jan 10 2018

Walter White, meth, and the streets of San Francisco Photo: Stephen Wagner, DDS/FACP   An example of what methamphetamine use does to teeth. San Francisco has a methamphetamine problem. It’s bad. I know because many San Franciscan meth users are coming … Continue reading

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